Introducing a special capsule collection, the Hawker Hurricane Night Reaper Limited Editions. These extraordinary timepieces pay homage to the legendary Squadron Leader Karel "Kut" Kuttelwascher and the remarkable history of the Royal Air Force's (RAF) famed No. 1 Squadron.

The Night Reaper Chronicles 

Explore the Night Reaper Limited Editions, an exclusive capsule within the AVI-8 Hawker Hurricane family. Each timepiece, inspired by Kuttelwascher's iconic Hurricane JX-E (serial BE581), is meticulously crafted in deep black hues. The Classic Chronograph and Carey Dual Time editions are limited to 170 pieces each, while the Clowes edition is limited to just 120 pieces. Own a piece of history, embodying the spirit of a true night hawk.

A Night Hawk's Legacy 

Squadron Leader Karel Kuttelwascher, renowned as "The Czech night hawk," etched his name among WWII's elite Czechoslovak aces. Assigned to No. 1 Squadron for perilous night intruder missions in 1942, Kuttelwascher's black Hurricane, adorned with a yellow scythe and red banner, became the feared "Night Reaper." With 18 confirmed air victories, his exceptional skills earned accolades, including the Distinguished Flying Cross, making him an icon in aviation history.