We are thrilled to announce that our Capcom 1942 Automatic Limited Edition has completely sold out!

We would like to express our deepest gratitude for your overwhelming support and enthusiasm. Stay tuned for future exciting releases, and thank you once again for your incredible support!

Immersive Detail

Each watch features an impressive high specification build coupled with an attention to detail that exhibits the watch and the world within the 1942 game with a commitment to design unlike any other timepiece you have ever owned.

Fun Inside Functionality

With a wave of nostalgia, the watch is a delight to own, and a fun nod at a cool video game that slides into the AVI-8 ethos of commemorating and celebrating the men and machine of military aviation.

The Capcom 1942 Limited Edition is nonetheless built to perform, and last, with rock solid and precise watch engineering underneath the hood and throughout this automatic self-winding timepiece.