AVI-8 is proud to introduce a striking addition to its iconic Spitfire collection - a tribute to the valiant spirit of Eric "Sawn Off" Lock, a true hero of World War II and the highest-scoring British-born RAF pilot in the Battle of Britain. Use “LOCK25” to get 25% off

A Timepiece with a Storied Legacy 

The Spitfire Lock Chronograph takes inspiration from the remarkable feats of Eric Lock, whose unwavering courage and exceptional piloting skills defined the Battle of Britain era. This extraordinary collection stands as a testament to his legacy and the Spitfire's enduring symbol of British aviation excellence.

A Tribute to Heroism 

Eric "Sawn Off" Lock's incredible contributions during WWII serve as a poignant reminder of the heroism displayed by the RAF pilots. This collection encapsulates the indomitable spirit of those who served, allowing wearers to carry a piece of history on their wrists.